Virtual Speech Therapy

Virtual speech therapy or online therapy is a fantastic therapy option for any clients who cannot take in-person visits for reasons such as: travel, illness, or quarantine restrictions. Some families have to be very careful about limiting social contact due to potential illness to family members. Now, there is no need to put therapy on hold and risk losing momentum. Virtual visits allow you to keep progressing towards your communication goals.

Our virtual speech therapy sessions offer audio and visual experiences which mirror in-person sessions.

Virtual speech therapy is fun!

There are a multitude of apps and online games which our therapists use in virtual therapy to keep children motivated, engaged and achieving their goals!  Online sessions offer the ability to view the child, the therapist and the interactional game all at the same time. The sessions are fast paced with activities designed to meet the child’s goals and offer immediate rewards for achievements. 

Virtual speech therapy is easy!

You do not need to be “techy” to benefit from online speech therapy. To get started, our therapist sends you a link via email, and it is as simple as one click to start your therapy session. You can use an iPad or other tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Virtual speech therapy works!

Our therapists are knowledgeable and skilled at using virtual speech therapy to achieve gains in the following children’s service areas:

  • Articulation
  • Apraxia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Early Language
  • School-age Language
  • Reading and Writing Development
  • Stuttering/Dysfluency for preschoolers (Lidcombe) and school age children

Virtual speech therapy for adults

Our therapists are also experienced and proficient at using online therapy to achieve gains in the following adult service areas:

  • Voice therapy
  • Fluency therapy
  • Aphasia/stroke rehab
  • Adult articulation

Virtual speech therapy is covered

Insurance companies recognize the effectiveness of virtual speech therapy and therefore, benefit plans include coverage for online sessions.

See our therapists in action

Apraxia of Speech

In this video, Leanne is targeting final consonants with Brady.

Literacy and reading

Brianna is targeting the literacy of segmenting and spelling consonant blends.

Lidcombe fluency for stuttering

Elena is targeting smooth speech.


Humma is targeting ‘r’ productions.


Cassandra is targeting /s/ productions.

Virtual visits

Rachael creates endless opportunities for fun using a green screen during virtual speech therapy sessions.

Virtual speech therapy for children 12-24 months

Many parents are concerned that virtual speech therapy will not work for their toddler. “He’s too busy”, or “She doesn’t sit still” are the comments we frequently hear from parents. Just remember – kids love to play! They learn their speech and language milestones through play! We suggest putting your toddler in a booster seat or high chair and playing this video on a laptop in front of them (but not within reach of little hands). We think you’ll be surprised how engaged your little one will be. We hope you hear a new word or two from them too! If they liked this video, they will love their virtual therapy sessions!

Here’s a comment from a parent of a 23 month old:

“For the last 3 months I was just waiting for COVID to be over and she was falling further behind. I finally took your suggestion and put her in front of your Facebook videos and she loved them! We’ve had only 3 sessions and she has over 10 new words! I am so relieved I didn’t keep waiting.” – Janiah P.

Gracie the dog

Our therapists can do some fun things in virtual therapy – kids love to hear from Gracie!

Note:  As speech-language pathologists fall under the allied health professionals, we are unable to post testimonials publicly. However, if you wish to hear from parents who have voluntarily provided written and verbal feedback on the effectiveness of our virtual speech therapy services, please contact Conni at Speech Pathways: 905-302-0264.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you with this innovative mode of therapy!