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Treating stuttering (dysfluency), kids playing together

Aphasia is an impairment in the ability to use or understand language. The impairment is a result of an acquired brain injury such as stroke, brain tumour, or head trauma. All modalities of language: speaking, understanding, reading and writing may be affected. However some modalities may be more impaired than others. For example, an individual with aphasia may have more difficulty speaking than understanding.

Most individuals with aphasia receive some form of communication therapy while in the hospital; however, this therapy is frequently discontinued after discharge.

At Speech Pathways, we understand that making it out to appointments can be difficult; this is especially true for individuals post-stroke who are adapting to right or left sided weakness. We will come to your home and conduct an assessment of the client’s retained language skills and strengths. We then develop a treatment plan that focuses on practical communication strategies that are relevant to that individual and help improve his/her quality of life.