Stuttering (Dysfluency)

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Treating stuttering (dysfluency), kids playing together

Between the ages of 2-4, many children go through a period when their speech is dysfluent. Repetition of words and phrases is a normal aspect of rapid growth in language development. Unfortunately, real stuttering also begins to present itself at this age. The following risk factors may indicate a need for intervention by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Stuttering risk factors

  • Male (4:1 higher incidence of stuttering among males)
  • Family history of stuttering
  • Repetitions persisting > 3 months
  • Sound repetitions
  • Physical tension
  • Blocks (no sound despite visible effort)

If your child has one or more risk factors, contact us for an assessment. Early intervention is optimal for long-term success. At Speech Pathways, we have multiple Speech-Language Pathologists certified in Lidcombe Fluency Therapy. This is an innovative therapy that has proven to be highly effective for children who stutter.